Rural Ambulance Victoria introduced the
GMC Sierra into service in 1996. 



In 1996, Country Regions in Victoria began introducing the GMC Sierra into Ambulance Service.  Initially, the  'J Series' fibreglass  rear module was placed on 3 GMCs,  but following trials of both Jakab and Superior aluminium rear modules, Jakab won the contract to supply the rear module now designated the 'A Series'. 

A further rear module was trailed in 1997, using the NSW Ambulance Service fibreglass rear module.  Only a few of these vehicles were introduced with preference again given to the Jakab 'A Series rear module.

On the 3rd December 2001, RAV received the last 'A Series' GMC from Jakab Industries.  RAV received a total of 180 'A Series' vehicles (174 from JAKAB Industries).  The GMC is now slowly being replaced as each vehicle reaches it's 230,000 km life with the Mercedes 318 Sprinter. Very few F-350 remain across the State.


The first 3 GMCs were introduced in 1996 with the rear module based on the V Series using fibreglass.

A small number of GMCs trialed the Queensland Ambulance Services Rear aluminum module built
by Superior Industries.  Preference however remained with the Jakab module.
In 1997, a small number of GMC were purchased by Country Victorian Regions using the NSW Ambulance
Service fibreglass rear module built by Jakab.  Again preference remained with the Jakab 'A Series'
RAV Vehicle 582 RAV Vehicle 468
RAV Vehicle 468 Interior
Click here for more photos of Vehicle 468

The Jakab 'A Series' rear module was selected by Country Regions as he preferred rear module for the GMC.  Made of aluminium, this module has the highest approval rating of any Ambulance ever introduced into the Victorian Ambulance Service. At a cost of approximately $140,000 per vehicle ($170,000 fully equipped), the concept and final design was the result of extensive input from on road Ambulance Officers.

RAV Vehicle RAV Vehicle 876
RAV Vehicle 540

RAV Vehicle 454 RAV Vehicle 540
Final vehicle being delivered to RAV from
Jakab on the 3rd December 2001
Click here for a walk around of the RAV GMC Sierra 'A Series"

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19 March 2017