The following page provides a range of photos of the Holden 
Adventura Rapid Response Unit introduced into
the Metropolitan Ambulance Service as
a trial Single Responder Unit.

It has now been relaced with the Ford Territory.


The Holden Adventra is Holden's first All-Wheel-Drive crossover vehicle, designed and developed in Australia. Features include: passenger car ride, handling & manoeuverability, Cross Trac All-Wheel-Drive system,  5-speed automatic transmission; 188 kW 3.6 litre High Performance Alloytec High Output V6 engine, 3.6L 60-degree double with overhead Cam V6 with 4 valves per cylinder; Sequential fuel injection; High energy, distributorless ignition; Twin knock control sensors with individual cylinder adaptive control; Onboard diagnostic; Electric cooling fan; Stainless steel exhaust; Low restriction air intake with acoustic dampening chambers; Continuously variable camshaft phasing for inlet and exhaust cams; Variable intake manifold; Coil-on-plug;  17" alloy wheels.Advanced braking systems (TC, ABS, EBA, BA and EBD); Electronic Stability Program; Hill descent control; Cruise control; and Rear Park Assist






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