The following page provides a range of photos of the new Ford
 Custom Single Spinner Ambulance introduced into the 
Victorian Ambulance Service from 1949 to 1951



In 1949, Ford Australia announced the release of a new V8 vehicle to replace it's aging V8 series.  Known as the Ford Custom Single Spinner, it featured a new twin spinner grille, independent suspension, and modern slab styling on a 114" wheelbase.  Coming in two models, the Sedan or the Utility, prices started at 1044.  It remained in production until 1952 when it was replaced by the Custom Twin Spinner.







Dimboola's 1949 Ford Custom

1950 Ford Custom Single Spinner

Single Spinner Ambulance

Boot loading Ambulance

Warrnambool's 1949 Ford Custom
Single Spinner Ambulances

1950 Ford Custom Single Spinner
Boot loading Ambulance interior



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