Following the successful trial of MICA 208,  the Peninsula Ambulance Service
introduced the next Victorian MICA Unit following the death of a high profile football player

Soon after Melbourne introduced two more MICA Units due to the increasing workload. 
MICA 2 at the Alfred and MICA 3 at the Western General in Footscray.  Still
lacking funds, both Units were given old Dodge D5N Clinic Cars
converted to carry the new range of MICA gear introduced.

Both Units would only last a short time due to mechanical problems which
 included brake failures and constant engine brake downs




MICA 2's Dodge D5N


MICA 3 Equipment

MICA 3 Equipment


MICA 3's more portable LifePak 3 Defibrillator


Inside MICA 3

Inside MICA 3


MICA 3's Thumper CPR Device


Special thanks to Peter Whittle 
for the photos of MICA 3



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