The City of Colac is centrally located 148 km kms west of Melbourne and 74kms west of Geelong. Colac is the commercial centre for the tourist industry and is the agricultural service centre for the region. As the gateway to the Otway Ranges and Western Plains, Colac is the largest city in the region and is the commercial centre for the Shire’s vast range of industry and primary producers.







Colac is situated on the shores of Lake Colac and has a population of 12,000 residents. The City services an additional 6,000 people in a number of small townships including Gellibrand, Cororooke, Birregurra, Beech Forrest, Lavers Hill, Forest, Swan Marsh, Warrion, Cressy and Beeac.

The main industries within the Colac region are Primary Producers (dairy, beef, sheep, crops, specified pastures, horticulture and organic farming), Timber Manufacturing and Service, Construction, Retail and Wholesale, Food Processing and Tourism. A large public sector is also evident. Services and facilities include a major retail centre, health, education and recreation.


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