The Patient Transport Officer (PTO) is a full-time staff member of RAV, employed to transport non-emergency patients. Currently 19 are employed statewide by AV - Rural.  To be employed in this position, applicants must hold a minimum of Certificate Level 2 Health Science (PTO), be a qualified ACO or Ambulance Paramedic.  The Colac area is serviced by a PTO crew stationed at Geelong who undertake many of Colac's long distance non-emergency transfers.

PTOs are able to perform the following advanced skills:

  • Automatic Defibrillation
  • Oxygen Administration

PTOs are able to administer the following medications:

  • Anginine (for cardiac chest pain)
  • Aspirin (for cardiac chest pain)
  • Penthrane (for pain)
  • Salbutamol (for asthma)

PTO Vehicle - Ford Transit
(now replaced with a Mercedes 318 Sprinter)


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