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Accident Photos


Air Ambulance - Victoria
        Aircraft (External Web Site)
              Aero Commander

              Beech Twin Bonanza
              Cessna 402
              Cessna 404 Titan
              HEMS 1
              HEMS 2
              HEMS 3
              HEMS 4
              HEMS 5
              KIng Air B200
        History (External Web Site)  

Australian Ambulance Services
        ACT Ambulance Service (External Web Site)    
        Queensland Ambulance Service (External Web Site)    
        Northern Territory - St John Ambulance (External Web Site)    
        N.S.W. Ambulance Service (External Web Site)    
        South Australian Ambulance Service (External Web Site)    
        Tasmania Ambulance Services (External Web Site)    
        Victorian Ambulance Service (External Web Site)    
        Western Australia - St John Ambulance (External Web Site)    

Calendar 2011

Colac Township

Colac Ambulance Station
        Equipment Donations
        Staff - Current
        Staff - Previous
        Station Photos

Construction of the Conner St Colac Station

Construction Of The New Rae St Colac Station
        Week 1
        Week 2
        Week 3
        Week 4
        Week 5
        Week 6
        Week 7
        Week 8
        Week 9
        Week 10
        Week 11
        Week 12
        Week 13
        Week 14
        Week 15
        Week 16
        Week 17
        Week 18
        Week 19
        Week 20

        Week 21
        Completed Station

Contacting The Web Page Manager

Demolition of the Conner St Ambulance Station


Donated Equipment To The Colac Ambulance Station

Educational Page For Kinders and Schools

First Aid Hint Booklet (External Web Site)    

History Of Ambulance Services In Country Victoria (External Web Site)

Kids Page

Levels Of Qualification - Victoria
        Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
        Ambulance Community Officers (ACO)
        Patient Transport Officers (PTO)
        Student Ambulance Paramedics (SAP)
        Qualified Ambulance Paramedics (QAP)
        Advanced Life Support Paramedics (ALS)
        Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedics (MICA)

Metropolitan Ambulance Service - Victoria
        Webpage (External Web Site)

Opening Page

Pictorial History Of Victoria's Ambulance Service
        1880 - 1900
        1901 - 1910
        1911 - 1920
        1921 - 1930
        1931 - 1940
        1941 - 1950
        1951 - 1960
        1961 - 1970
        1971 - 1980
        1981 - 1990
        1991 - 2000
        2001 - 20

        Victoria's Air Ambulance
                    HEMS 1

                    HEMS 2
                    HEMS 3
                    HEMS 4
                    HEMS 5

        Victoria's Ashford Litter

        Victoria's Dodge Ambulances
                   Dodge Series 126
                   Dodge DA
                   Dodge DP
                   Dodge DR
                   Dodge D5
                   Dodge D8
                   Dodge D11
                   Dodge D19
                   Dodge Wayfarer
                   Dodge WC
                   Dodge 108 Suburban
                   Dodge Coronet
                   Dodge AT4-114
                   Dodge Phoenix
        Victoria's Ford Ambulances
                   Ford Model T
                   Ford Custom Single Spinner Wagon
                   Ford Custom Twin Spinner Wagon
                   Ford Custom Twin Spinner Sedan
                   Ford Customline
                   Ford Mainline
                   Ford Fairlane
                   Ford Galaxie
                   Ford Falcon XD/XE/XF
                   Ford Longreach LAV
                   Ford F Series
                   Ford F-100 -1960
                   Ford F-100 - 1961
                   Ford F-100 - 1982
                   Ford F-100 - NSW Trial Vehicle 1987
                   Ford F-250 - 1991
                   Ford F-350 - 1994
                   Ford F-350 - 2002 (Alexandra Region)

                   Ford F-350 - 2003 (MAS)
                   Ford Transit
                   Ford Territory

        Victoria's Harley Davidson Motorbike Ambulance

        Victoria's GM Ambulances
                   Chevrolet 6
                   Holden Adventura
                   Holden Commodore LAV
                   Holden EH
                   Holden FC
                   Holden HX
                   Holden HZ                                     
                   Holden Oldsmobile Ace
                   Holden VX Sedan
                   Holden VY Station Wagon
                   Holden VZ Sedan    
                   Holden WB
                   GMC Sierra - MAS

                   GMC Sierra A Series Module - RAV

        Victoria's Humber Super Snipe Ambulance

        Victoria's Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances
                   Mercedes 312 Sprinter Ambulances
                   Mercedes 316 Sprinter Ambulances
                   Mercedes 315 Sprinter Ambulances
                   Mercedes 318 Sprinter Ambulances
                   Mercedes Emergency Suppot Unit
                   Mercedes Protective Unit
                   Mercedes Educational Unit
                   Mercedes Bike Unit

        Victoria's Nissan Patrol 4WD Ambulances

        Victoria's Rootes Commer Ambulance

        Victoria's Studebaker Cruiser Ambulance

        Victoria's Toyota Ambulances
                   Toyota Tarago Ambulance
                   Toyota Troopcarrier 4WD Ambulance
                   Toyota Troopcarrier 4WD - RA
V Ambulance 2004
                   Toyota Troopcarrier 4WD - RAV Ambulance 2010
                   Toyota Landcruiser  4WD Ambulance

        Victoria's Valiant Safari Ambulance

        Victoria's VW Ambulance         

        Victorian Ambulance Vehicle Photoframes

Restored Victorian Ambulance Vehicles

Review Of Trauma & Emergency Service In Victoria 1999: Final Report  (External Web Site)

Rural Ambulance Victoria
        Current Ambulance Vehicles
        Clinical Practice Guidelines & Protocols (External Web Site)
        Web Page (External Web Site)

RAV Uniforms


Victoria's Restored Historical Vehicles


Station  History

Station Vehicles

Home Page

Station Construction

Station Staff


Station Equipment

 Accident Photos

Kids Page

Ambulance Photos

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