Colac's first Ambulance - the Ashford litter was purchased for the township of Colac in the late 1890's and housed at the then newly built Colac Fire Station located in what is now the Murray St Memorial Square.

Stored in the small outhouse on the right of the main building, the Ashford litter was manned by the local Police when required. Activation of the Police was by a member of the public running into the Police Station.

The Ashford Litter remained in Service until 1924.

Ashford Litter

Original Colac Fire & Ambulance Station


Funding for ambulances in the early days was extremely limited and as a result, Colac's first almost official motorised ambulances were mail trucks that would deliver the mail to the community, and on the return trip to Colac, would bring the patient back into Colac Hospital on the mail trucks Ambulance stretcher.

Dreeite Mail Truck


In 1924, the local Colac community fundraised and purchased a 1924 Model T Ford Ambulance (pictured here in 1926). The Ambulance was housed at Manning Motor Garage in Murray St Colac and stayed in service until 1934, being driven by Mr Walter Manning and assisted by local Hospital Boiler Attendant George Baker (right) & Ian Selwood (left) who were trained in basic first aid & bandaging.

Colac's 1924 Model T Ford Ambulance


In 1934, the Parr & Spence Garage took over the storage of the Ambulance.  On the 9th April, a second hand 1929 DA Dodge was also purchased from Melbourne's Victorian Civil Ambulance Service for $300 to replace the aging 1924 Model T Ford.

With a top speed of only 25 mph on a good road and 15 mph on secondary roads, poor ventilation and suspension giving it  a less than comfortable ride, it soon earned a less than satisfactory reputation.   It remained in service until 1938, when it broke down on a trip to Ballarat and was replaced with a 1937 Ford V8.

Colac's 1929 DA Dodge Ambulance


In 1938, Colac Hospital took over official responsibility of the Ambulance Service and purchased a secondhand 1937 Ford V8 Butchers van that was converted into an Ambulance at a cost of $690, moving it onto the Hospital grounds.  Staffing of the Ambulance was mostly by the Hospital Boiler Attendants and Orderlies, however in 1954 the Hospital employed the first full-time 'Ambulance 'Driver'. 

Pictured is Colac's 1937 single stretcher Ford V8 Ambulance with Boiler / Ambulance attendants Vic Scott (right) & Herbie Bellchambers (left), with the photo taken around 1950. 

Colac's 1937 Ford V8 Ambulance


Taken outside Colac Waterboard in Rae St,  with Mr Ossie Williams from Colac Rotary (right of picture) handing over Colac's community funded 1951 single stretcher Ford Custom Twin Spinner Ambulance to the  Mayor Of Colac.

This vehicle chassis was purchased from McKenzies in Colac, with the rear compartment built by Batson's Panel And Body Works.    

Colac's 1951 Twin Spinner Ambulance


In November 1959, Geelong & District Ambulance Service took over Ambulance Service’s in Colac and brought in two 1958 Ford Mainline Ambulances to begin the Service.

Colac's Mainline Ambulance


The official opening of the Colac Station occurred on the 5 March 1961.

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Colac's Official Station Opening


Fundraising pamphlet for the new Colac Station.

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Colac's Fundraising Pamphlet


Colac's Station new Ford F-100 Ambulance 1963 with Station Officer G Jackson (standing) and Ambulance Officer E Hope (at the wheel).

Colac's new 1961 Ford F100 Ambulance


The Conner St Station in 1963 with 3 Ford F-100 Ambulances.


Colac Station in 1963


The Conner St Station in 1965 with Colac's Dodge AT4-114 Series Ambulance.

                         Colac's Dodge AT4-114 Series                                                          

The Conner St Station in 1967 with present and past Ambulance drivers. From left to right, Trevor Daly (1961-1973), Vic Scott (1950-58), George Baker (1926-34), R Duff (1940-45, Bert Spencer (1934-45), and Martin Moran (1965-67).

                         Colac Station in 1967

A 1972 Ford F100 taken outside the Colac station in 1973 with (from left to right) Trevor Daly, Jack Pearce (Ambulance Auxiliary President), and Sid Clarke (Station Officer).

Colac's 1972 Ford F Series Ambulance


Colac Station  vehicles in 1976.

Colac Station in 1976


Colac Station Officer Lex Walters with Stephen Davis unloading the Harnett Stretcher at Colac Hospital  in 1977.

Colac staff unloading patient in 1977


Colac Station Officer Lex Walters demonstrates the use of the ambulance resuscitator  in the Conner St Station's garage to (from left to right) students Noel Dean & Dave Reddrop, Colac  Officer's Peter Cain & Stephen Davis.

Training Day In Colac Station 1977


Vehicle 480 undergoes shift check by ACO Ron Campbell at Colac Branch. Ron was Colac's longest serving ACO, retiring in 1999 after 20 years of service.

Colac's 1979 Ford F-100 Ambulance


Vehicle 459 - an F Series Ambulance built by Bodycraft in Geelong on a Ford F100 chassis, is pictured here in 1982, and spent much of it's life at the Colac Station. 

Colac's 1982 F Series Ford Ambulance


Vehicle 462 pictured outside the Colac Station in 1987.  Built by Jakab in NSW on a Ford  chassis, 462 was an unsuccessful trial vehicle for the Victorian Ambulance Service based on the NSW style Ambulance.

Colac's 1986 Ford Ambulance


Pictured in September 1993 are the staff stationed at Colac at that time - (from left to right) Paul Moran,  Kingsley Down & Peter Cain with the branch's Ford F350 Victorian J Series Ambulance .

Colac's 1991 J Series Ford Ambulance


Inside the Officer at the Conner St Station is (from left to right) Peter Cain, Paul Moran & Kingsley Down. 

Conner St Station Office


Pictured outside Colac Branch in 1997, the Holden Commodore LAV served the branch for 4 years as  primarily a low cost transport vehicle, which could also respond to emergencies if required.  Due to it's top heavy weight, the vehicles was restricted to the signed speed limits even under emergency conditions.  It was replaced with a second GMC A Series in 2001.

Colac's 1997 Holden LAV Ambulance


Colac Stations three vehicle's outside the station in 1999.  Pictured is from left to right - A series GMC, Commodore LRV and the GMC J Series trial vehicle 471 with extended rear cabin and dual rear wheels.

Colac  Ambulance Station Vehicles - 1999


Aerial view taken in 1999 of the Colac Hospital with the Colac Station & residence visible in the middle bottom of the photo just before the Hospital redevelopment began.

Colac Hospital Complex & Ambulance Station


Colac staff outside the station with the current 'A series'  GMC Ambulances.  From left to right - ALS Paramedic Craig Crawford, MICA Paramedic Laurie Blick, ALS Paramedic Barry Philips & MICA Paramedic Anthony Hann.

Colac Station Staff - 2002


The Conner St Station finally closed operations on the 12 November 2003.  Pictured outside the Conner St station for the last shift is ALS Paramedic Barry Philips and MICA Paramedic Anthony Hann.

Colac's Rae St Station


The new Colac Ambulance Station in Rae St became operational on the 12 November 2003.

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Colac's Rae St Station


The official opening of the Rae St Ambulance Station was held on the 5th December 2003. Pictured from left to right are Steve McGhie (AEA), Mr Doug Kimberly (RAV CEO), Minister Of Health Bronwyn Pike, Pat McKenzie (Area Manager) and ?.

Official Opening Rae St Station


On the 20th December 2003, the old Conner St Station was demolished to give way to the Colac Hospital's new carpark.

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Conner St Station Demolition

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