The Ambulance Community Officer (ACO) is a casually employed Officer (maximum of 20 hour per week employment), and is used to provide an advanced level of first aid to areas where:

  1. Response of an Ambulance staffed by full time Paramedics to that area is significant, but the area is isolated & of extremely low workload (below 150 cases per year), therefore making the establishment of a full-time Ambulance Station not economically viable.        or

  2. A full time Paramedic is stationed at a branch without a rostered second full time Paramedic, and the ACO assists the full time Officer on an individual case requirement basis.

A present AV has over 30 ACO branches staffed by approximately 430 Officers. 

ACOs undertake an initial 50 hour training program covering topics including cardiology, respiratory, trauma & medical emergencies, and are required to perform 30 hours of ongoing training each year. 

ACOs are able to perform the following advanced skill:

  • Automatic Defibrillation

ACOs are able to administer the following medications:

  • Anginine (for cardiac chest pain)
  • Aspirin (for cardiac chest pain)
  • Penthrane (for pain)
  • Salbutamol (for asthma)

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