The following page provides a range of photos of Ambulances in Victoria's Ambulance Service between 1971 & 1980




Victoria's first MICA unit pictured outside the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 1971.  The vehicle was a converted Dodge AT4Series Car Division vehicle number 208 as it provided more internal room than other vehicles in use.

The MICA Units began operations in Melbourne on the 9th September 1971 for a 3 month trial with one Doctor from the Royal Melbourne Hospital and an Ambulance Officer (as shown in the bottom photo).  On the 5th March 1973, Doctors were replaced by a second Ambulance Officer.

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Melbourne Ambulance's first defibrillator used by MICA 1, a Teletronics DF4.



Inside the Melbourne Control room in 1971.



The 'Angel Of Mercy' was Australia's first dedicated Ambulance helicopter service in Australia, beginning service in 1970.   Based near Tyabb, it was formed due to the isolation of the Peninsula from any major hospital.  Initially Bell Jet Ranger was used, but this was replaced in May of 1985 with a Bell 206 Long Ranger.   The services ceased in 1986 when Victoria's Air Ambulance began Helicopter retrieval services.

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In 1972, due to the increasing workload of Melbourne only MICA Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne introduced MICA 2 based out of the Alfred Hospital in Prahan and MICA 3 based at Western General Hospital in Footscray using 2 converted Dodge D5N Clinic Cars.

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Leongatha Station in 1972 with a Harnett Ford F-100 Ambulance (centre) and 2 Holden panelvan stretcher ambulances.



Ambulance Officers undetaking training at the Mayfield Training College



In 1971 Executive Airlines took over the Air Ambulance contract and operated 4 Aero Strike Commander between 1971 to 1978.  The change of contract also saw the air operations move from Moorabbin airport to Essendon Airport as it was more suitably located to the major Hospitals.

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Outside Peninsula Ambulance Headquarters in 1974 with 3 Ford F-100s and a HQ Holden.



A 1974 Ford F-100 at Lorne Station in 1974.

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A 1974 Holden HQ long distance transport Ambulance pictured at Melbourne headquarters. One of these vehicles has been saved and donated to the Victorian Ambulance Historical Society.

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Victoria's first purpose built MICA unit based on the Ford F-100 chassis.

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The 1974 XB Ford pictured outside the Bendigo Headquarters was used for long distance non urgent transports in a number of country areas.



A Ford F-100 with the orange strip to improve visibility.  Despite improved visibility, fading of the orange paint was a major problem and soon saw it's removal and return to the standard white colour scheme.

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Pictured here at Anglesea Branch, the Bedford van was used in small numbers as a Clinic Division vehicle for walking patients, as well as for emergency responses.

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1977 HX Holden 1 tonner long distance transport Ambulance.

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The 1978 Holden HZ was used in some country Service's for both long distance non urgent transports, as well as for emergency responses.

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Central Region's 1977 Ford XC long distance transport Ambulance.



Following extensive development, the first 3 year Certificate of Applied Science (Ambulance Officer) nicknamed the ‘Bionics’ was begun in conjunction with RMIT.  The first of it’s kind in the world, Ambulance Officers undertook 6 x 6 week blocks over the three year period covering some 16 units including trauma, cardiovascular, obstetrics, paediatrics, respiratory, etc.

Pictured here is the first course – Course 1C.



Ford F-100 at Geelong Headquarters. Note the twin mounted beacons and the new reflective stripping still in use today.

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Central Region's 1979 Ford F-100 Ambulance.

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Peninsula Air Services took over Victoria's Air Ambulance in 1979 with a fleet of Cessna 402 aircraft which remained in service until 1990.

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Central Region's 1980 Ford F-100 Ambulance.

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