The following page provides a range of photos of Ambulances in
Victoria's Ambulance Service between 1941 & 1950




The D19 Dodge was introduced into Ambulance Service in 1941.  Pictured here is Melbourne's D19 fleet.

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Prior to 1944,  Ambulances were dispatched by telephone as radio communication did not exist.  In 1944, Melbourne introduced one way radio communication operating out of the Melbourne City Council with all 27 Ambulances fitted out by 1946.  Finally Ambulance Controllers could divert Ambulances to more urgent cases rather than having to wait for the Ambulance to finish a case and ring by phone.  However crews could  not reply & confirm they had received the case unless they found a public telephone to ring on.  It would not be until 1954 that 2 way radios would be introduced, a need brought about by the Royal Visit. Pictured here is the 1944 one way radio fitted to the ambulances.



Geelong's 1946 Ford Mercury.

Click Here for more photos and information on the Ford Mercury used by Victoria's Ambulance Service.



One of Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile Ace Ambulances.

Click Here for more photos and information on the Oldsmobile Ace used by Victoria's Ambulance Service.



Penhurst's 1948 Ford V8 Ambulance.



In 1948, the Victorian State Government established the Hospitals & Charities Commission, which as part of it’s responsibility was the regulation of Victoria’s Ambulance Services.

From the period of 1948 to 1954, the Commission established Ambulance coverage for the whole state still under the auspices of the VCAS, but splitting the state into 16 regions including:

NWAS – North West Region Ambulance Service
WDAS – Western District Ambulance Service
GDAS – Glenelg & District Ambulance Service
MMDAS – Mid Murray District Ambulance Service
B&DAS – Ballarat & District Ambulance Service
SWVAS – South West Victorian Ambulance Service
G&DAS – Geelong & District Ambulance Service
NDAS – Northern District Ambulance Service
CVDAS – Central Victoria District Ambulance Service
VCAS – Victorian Civil Ambulance Service Melbourne
PAS – Peninsular Ambulance Service
GVDAS – Goulburn Valley Ambulance Service
LVDAS – Latrobe Valley District Ambulance Service
SGDAS – South Gippsland District Ambulance Service
NEVDAS – North East Victoria District Ambulance Service
EGAS – East Gippsland Ambulance Service



Woodend's 1949  Dodge 108 Suburban Ambulance.

Click Here for more photos and information on the  Dodge 108 Suburban used by Victoria's Ambulance Service.



Dimboola's first Ambulance - a 1949 Ford Custom Single Spinner.

Click Here for more photos and information on the Ford Custom Single Spinner used by Victoria's Ambulance Service.


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