The following page provides a range of photos of Ambulances in 
Victoria's Ambulance Service between 1921 & 1930



The country division of VCAS was established in 1923. With it's establishment and under the direction of James Barrett, Barrett was able to obtain donations from Melbourne’s Argus newspaper’s Edward Wilson Trust Fund allowing for the initial purchase of 3 horse drawn Ambulance Coaches, as well as 1 Hudson and 6  Model T Fords to be placed throughout country Victoria.  Under the scheme, country towns agreed to pay the VCAS 10% of the purchasing cost of the ambulance each year in 4 quarterly payments. In total over 77 ambulances in 60 country towns would receive funding to assist in the purchase of Ambulances (mostly Dodge style vehicles).

Pictured here in 1923 is one of  the initial Model T Fords purchased for the township Yarra Junction.

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Maryborough's 1925 Capitol Chev Ambulance




Swan Hill's 1926 Dodge Series 126 Ambulance with it's new style patient compartment.  The Dodge served the Swan Hill community until 1939.  Initially stored and staffed by the local garage, it was transferred to the Hospital in 1929.  One of these vehicles from Yarrum has now been privately restored and is now Victoria's oldest restored motor Ambulance.

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Introduced into the Geelong area in 1928, this Chrysler Model 75 Ambulance saw Service until 1945, replacing the 1921 T Model Ford.

Built by Everett's Motor Body Works in Mercer St, Geelong and painted grey, it remained in service until 1945 when it was replaced by a 1937 Fauxell.



A Melbourne 1929 DA Dodge Ambulance outside Footscray Branch in 1929.

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