The following page provides a range of photos of Ambulances in 
Victoria's Ambulance Service between 1911 & 1920




Melbourne's 2nd motorised Ambulance, a Dennis was purchased in 1911 due to the rapidly increasing workload.




In 1912, Fisk Bros lost the contract with St John Ambulance to provide an Ambulance Service and in response, established it's own Service.  Known as the St Andrew Ambulance Service, it's life was short lived.

Pictured here is the Fiske Bros Headquarters in 1912.



Melbourne's Ambulance Service Headquarters in 1913 at Franklin St with two of Melbourne's motorised ambulances including a Renault and Dennis Ambulance.



In 1916, St John Ambulance faced ongoing financial difficulties with itís Ambulance Services and suspended operations, In response, the not for  profit Victorian Civil Ambulance Service (VCAS) was established.  By 1919, the influenza epidemic had expanded Melbourne's fleet to 16 motorised Ambulances, 5 horse drawn coaches, 1 motorbikes and 85 Officers.

Pictured is one of Melbourne's No 3 Model T Ford outside St Vincents Hospital in 1916 soon after VCAS's establishment.

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Introduced into the Geelong area in 1917, this La Buire was Geelong's first motorised ambulance.

Built by Everett's Motor Body Works in Mercer St, Geelong and painted dark blue in colour, it remained in service until 1925 when it was replaced by a 1925 model Fiat.



Between 1918 to 1924 Melbourne operated a total of six 1918 Harley Davidson Model 18J with sidecars (for the stretcher & patient). The motorbike came about through necessity in the late 1910's as it was too costly to make enough stretcher motor ambulances to meet work demands.     

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Melbourne's  Headquarters at 217 Lonsdale St around 1920.



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