The following page provides a range of photos of Ambulances in 
Victoria's Ambulance Service between 1901 & 1910




The failure of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade to continue Ambulance operations at the end of 1902, saw St Ambulance go out to public tender after both the Police and Salvation Army refused to take over operations. In August of 1903 the contract was awarded to Fiske Brothers (a livery stable in Melbourne) initially for £200 per year under the leadership of Harry Osgood-Cannon.  Operating under contract for St John Ambulance Association, Fiske Brothers began operations out of premises at the corner of Queen & Lonsdale St. in Melbourne and as part of the contract provided staff all trained in first aid. 

In 1905, two Coaches (pictured) were in use in Melbourne. With workload at 899 for the year, a 3rd Coach was purchased in 1906 and a 24 hr service was begun.  By 1907, 6 Coaches were in operation with a new station purchased in Prahan.

Fiske Brothers undertook Ambulance operations until 1913 when St John Ambulance took over direct operations of the Service following growing financial difficulties.

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On the 25th October 1910, Melbourne’s Ambulance Service still operated by Fiske Brothers under contract with St John Ambulance purchased it's first motorised Ambulance, a 2 cylinder 10-14 horsepower Renault. 

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