Ambulance Service Victoria introduced the single responder
Single Response Units into service in 1993. 



Whilst Sedans had been used for many years as Manager vehicles, 1993 saw the introduction of single
Officer Single Response Units (SRU) in the Metropolitan Region in an attempt to reduce
response times to emergencies, backed up by stretcher ambulances.   Vehicles
 used include the Ford & Holden passenger sedans & wagons,  Subaru
Forrester, Holden Adventura & the latest being the Ford Territory.

This program was introduced to the country regions in June 2010.


MAS's 2000 VX Holden Commodore

RAV's 2000 VX Holden Commodore Wagon

MAS's 2003 Subaru Forester
MAS's 2003 VY Holden Commodore Sedan Air Ambulance's 2004 VY Holden Commodore Station Wagon

MAS Ford Territory Wagon


MAS's 2005  Holden Adventura Sedan  







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