The following page provides a range of photos of the Oldsmobile
Ace Ambulance introduced into the Ambulance
 Service between 1947 and 1948



Holden’s Oldsmobile "Series 66" Sedan rolled off the assembly line at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne on December 18th 1946 and sold for £986..  Available solely as a four door sedan to the public, a large number of Ambulance bodies were produced and used by most Ambulance services across the country (of which none are know to have survived).

Holden designated the Australian "Series 66" chassis as the "ACE" for all 1946,47 & 48 Models that were produced and sold in Australia.

The development of the Australian 46-48 Ace, followed GM-H receiving the detailed drawing of the Chassis & front sheetmetal following approval for manufacture by GM’s head office in Detroit. GM-H then designed a body, manufactured tooling, pressed the panels and produce bodies so that they were ready in time when the chassis & front sheetmetal components arrived in from the US. The bodies were pressed, assembled and prime coated at the Woodville plant (South Australia), then transported by train to the Fisherman’s Bend Plant in Melbourne. It was at Fisherman’s Bend that GM-H received the chassis components from America in what was termed "CKD" format (completely knocked down). The ‘46 to ‘48 models required total assembly even down to the chassis rails. Once the kit comprising of the chassis, mechanical and front sheetmetal was assembled together, the body from Woodville was dropped onto the chassis and the car was painted in the nominated colour. Delays created by demand in the US in 1946 resulted in extremely staggered availability of the Oldsmobile ACE from 1946 to as late as the latter part of 1949 - more specifically 1946 Models were available for sale from December 20th 1946 till May 1948, 1947 Models were available for sale from May 1948 until June 1948, and 1948 Models were available for sale from June 1948 till October 1949.  Interior trim was largely restricted to leatherette for 1946 & 47 models but by 1948 Bedford Cloth and Broadcloth were also on offer. Each car came equipped with a tool kit, car jack & owners manual.

By 1948 GM-H was getting ready to release their own Holden car so this was to be the last year that Holden’s would build the Ace.


Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile's

One of Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile's
coming  to grief 1959 in Prahan.





Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile's head-on


Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile's 4 berth layout

Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile's 2 berth layout





Melbourne's 1947 Oldsmobile (front)



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