The Lifeflight helicopter was an Ambulance controlled BK117 B2 Helicopter operated as a not for profit emergency transport helicopter for use by the Royal Children's 'and the Royal Women's Hospital for the retreival of critically injured or ill children from rural Hospitals to Melbourne.  It's contract was cancelled in 2008 with the introduction of HEMS 5 at Essendon.

The BK 117 is equipped with:

  • Dual Pilot IFR

  • 400 litre auxilliary fuel cells (total of 1100 litres = range of 480 nautical miles)

  • Satellite Telecommunications

  • Digital SAR Direction Finder SAR DF 517

  • Dual Garmin 430 Global Positioning Systems

  • RDR2000 weather radar system

  • Wire Strike protection system

  • Sand filter / particle separator

  • Engine Trend Monitoring System ("ETM")

  • Radio Communication with all Victorian and NSW government agencies

  •  Fitted with multiple stretcher systems, medical oxygen, suction, medical quality lighting, backup power, as well as specialist coronary and neonatal medical equipment, rescue stretchers and rescue diver immersion equipment.


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