Air Ambulance introduced the KingAir B200 into service in 1998. 




In 1998, the Royal Flying Doctors Service won the Air Ambulance tender. Operating 4 King Air aircraft, these aircraft carry up to 2 stretcher & 2 walking patients.  The aircraft cruise at 250 knots with a range of 1200 nautical miles and are pressurised to an operating altitude of 35,00 ft.  In 1998, approx 3700 patients were transported by Air Ambulance.

 In January 2010,  the contract was awarded to Pel-Air (see bottom for new aircraft and colour scheme).






In January 2010, Pel-Air took over the Air Ambulance fixed wing contract, and on the 1st July 2011, Air Ambulance saw the replacement of the four 16 year old KingAir B-200's being replaced by four brand new more powerful KingAir B-200's, updated with new flight electronics, equipment, loading systems,  and a new colour scheme.



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