The following page provides a range of photos of the
Horse Drawn Coach used in Victoria 
from 1894 to 1925



The horse drawn coaches were initially introduced in to Victoria in 1894 in the Ballarat area.   In 1999 the Metropolitan Fire Brigade was loaned a wagon from the Defence Department.  It was soon found to be unsuitable for Ambulance use due to itís design and bulk. Fundraising by the 'Daughters of the Court', allowed the Fire Brigade to purchase the first purpose built Coach in late 1899 (pictured), attending over 400 cases in it's first year of operation.   Horse drawn Ambulance coaches were also introduced throughout other country areas of Victoria Ambulance in the early 1900ís and saw service until the late 1920ís when they were completely replaced by motorised vehicles



St Arnard's Horse Drawn Coach


Melbourne's Coach loaned from the Defence Forces in 1899

A training session at Easton Hill Fire Station in 1900





Austin Horse Drawn Coach

 Two of Melbourne's Coaches in 1905

Geelong's Horse Drawn Coach used from 1907 to 1921





A Melbourne Coach at the Prahan Station
soon after it's opening in 1907

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