HEMS 3 is the third EMS Helicopter to be introduced into Victorian
Ambulance  Service and is currently based at Bendigo
Airport under Air Ambulance control.




HEMS 3 began operations on the 1st July 2001, operating out of Bendigo Airport.   Crewed by a Pilot, Observer and 1 MICA Flight Paramedic, the twin engined, IFR, 15 seater Bell 412 EP aircraft can carry 2 stretcher patients or 1  stretcher and 4 sitting.  Powered by it's   2 x PT6T-3DE engines with 1920 shaft horse power, it can cruise at 120 knots with a normal operating range of  300 km.  Other features include a 76 metre  rescue hoist capable of lifting 272 kg and  a  Nitesun directional search light with 30 million candlepower.

Equipment is generally standard gear found on the road MICA units including Ambulance stretcher, oxygen resuscitator, advanced airway equipment, defibrillator, standard IV and drug kits, trauma equipment, with additional gear including a patient ventilator and Propac monitor.










Special Thanks For Photos
Edward Chisholm


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