The following page provides a range of photos of Victoria's Ford
Ambulance fleet.  Ford's began service in Victoria
in 1915 and remain in service today.



1915 Model T Ford

1935 Ford


1937 Ford V8

1938 Ford V8


1946 Ford V8

1948 Ford Mercury  


1949 Ford Custom Single Spinner Boot Loader

1949 Ford Custom Single Spinner 


1951 Ford Custom Twin Spinner Boot Loader

1951 Ford Custom Twin Spinner


1952 Ford Customline

1957 Ford Mainline




1959 Ford Fairlane

1959 Ford Custom 300




1960 Ford F-100

1961 XK Ford Falcon




1961 Ford F-100

1964 Ford Galaxy




1965 Ford Galaxy

1965 Ford Galaxy




1966 Model F-100

1967 Ford F-100 Harnett


1967 XR Ford

1970 XD Ford Fairlane



Peninsula's1970 Model Ford F-100

1974 Model Ford F-100 was used to mount
Victoria's first purpose built MICA Unit.


1974 XB Ford

1977 Ford XC  Fairmont


  1976 Model Ford F-100

Geelong's 1978 Model Ford F-100


Central Region's 1981 XD Ford 1982 Ford F-100

1987 Ford F-250 trial rear module

1987 Ford F-100 with NSW rear module



1990 Ford F-100

1990 Roll Cage modification to 1980s Ford F-100


1990 J Series Ford F-250

1994 Ford F-250 J Series dual rear wheel trial vehicle


1995 Ford Longreach

RAV's 2003 Ford F-350 with A Series rear module


MAS's 2003 Ford F-350 with Mader rear module

2004 Ford Transit



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