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 Victoria's F Series Ambulances



The Ford 'F' Series came into Victorian Service in 1960 and remained the main Ambulance vehicle chassis for the Victorian Ambulance Service until the mid 1990's.

The Ford 'F' Series had it's debut in 1957 when the Ford Motor Company undertook a major change to their line of pick-ups.  Prior to 1957, Ford pick-up designs dated back to the F-1s of 1948.  The new 'F' Series was a complete vehicle redesign, with major changes being the front fenders replaced with slimmer slab sided fenders flowing back to the doors, a new flared wheelwell that remains even today.  The bonnet design became flatter and wider, with a series of distinct horizontal ribs running from the front to back.  Exterior mounted running boards of previous pick-ups also disappeared with "steps" being placed on the inside of the cabin. Internal cabin design provided more head, shoulder and leg room than previous designs.   Two levels of cabins were offered the "Standard Cab" and the deluxe version known as the "Custom Cab".  Both cabins provided a newly designed dashboard that placed all gauges and controls with easy reach of the driver, adjustable seats, sprig loaded seats to help isolate the driver from road vibration.  Ford further boasted about other standard features including plastic covered seats, dual windshield wipers, drivers side sun visor, a rear view mirror, ashtray, Hi-Dri ventilation system, a rubber floor mat, key lock on the drivers door  and a glovebox.  The Custom cab had additional features of a locks on both doors, door arm rest, improved foam seat padding, better quality plastic & vinyl seat covering, and sound deadening materials on the floor.    Three levels of 'F' series were on offer.  The F100 was the base model carrying a half-ton rating with a 110 or 118 inch wheelbase. The F250 provided a 118 inch wheelbase, while the F350 provided a lengthy 130 inch wheelbase.

It was not however until 1960 when Victorian Ambulance Services began purchasing the F100.  This 1960 model offered a new and very distinct front grill, improvements to the vehicle framework for greater strength, redesigned springs to give a better ride,   new heater design for improved cabin heating, and improvements to the brake lining offered more stopping power.  Changes to the distributor and generator also made starting the vehicle easier, and a redesigned carburetors reduced fuel consumption. 

From 1960, the F series has continued to serve almost continuously as Victoria's front line Emergency Ambulance - the F100 from 1960 to 1990, and the F250 from 1990 to 1996.   Due to a shortage of the F series chassis in the mid 1990's, the GMC became the chassis of choice between 1996 to 2003.  In 2003, the F Series again became available in large numbers in Australia and the F350 is now being introduced into the Victorian Ambulance Service, providing unsurpassed comfort, safety and power.

Rear patient compartments for the F series were initially built by a range of local manufactures throughout the state, with no common statewide design.   In 1967, the Victorian Hospital & Charities Commission (who oversaw Ambulance Operations throughout Victoria until the late 1990's) developed Victoria's first purpose built statewide rear Ambulance module design known as the Hartnett Ambulance, being based on the F series. This design was to remain with Victoria's Ambulance Service until 1991, initially being manufactured by Bodycraft of Geelong, followed by Transfield in Melbourne in the 1980's.  In 1991 Jakab began building a new Victorian design module which was to last only 5 years when the GMC was introduced into Ambulance Service using the Mader rear module in Melbourne, and the 'A' series box from Jakab in country regions.  The Mader and 'A' series rear module are now being retrofitted to the new F350's as they come into service.

Below are photos of Victoria's F Series used by the Victorian Ambulance Service from 1960 to present.


Victoria's first F-100 came into service in 1960.

Wimmera's 1961 Model F-100


Geelong's 1966 Model F-100

Victoria's first statewide designed
Ambulance - 1967 Model F-100


Peninsula's1970 Model Ford F-100 1974 Model Ford F-100 was used to mount
Victoria's first purpose built MICA Unit.

1976 Model Ford F-100

Geelong's 1978 Model Ford F-100 


Colac's 1982 Model Ford F-100

Melbourne's 1987 Ford F-250 trial rear module


Victorian 1987 Ford F-100 with NSW rear module

Victorian 1990 Ford F-100


1990 Roll Cage modification to 1980s Ford F-100

1990 J Series Ford F-250 with Jakab rear Module


1994 Ford F-350 J Series dual rear
wheel trial vehicle

RAV's 2003 Ford F-350 with 'A Series'
Jakab built rear module



MAS's 2003 Ford F-350 with a Mader rear module




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