Ambulance Service Victoria introduced the
Ford 250 with the rear V Series module into service in 1991. 



Following an extensive evaluation process, the Victorian Ambulance Service designed the new V Series fiberglass rear modular vehicle built by Jakab in NSW on the Ford F-250. Introduced in 1991, this design was a radical change from the previous design that was dated back to 1967, and was the first true purpose built Ambulance for the Victorian Ambulance Service.  It began being replaced by the GMC Sierra  'A Series' Ambulance brought into service in 1996.

Melbourne's Vehicle 60
Melbourne's Vehicle 60 Left Side
Resus & Donway Cupboard
Melbourne's Vehicle 60 Right Side
Spinal Cupboard
V Series - Internal



A 'V Series' MICA unit pictured outside
 South Melbourne branch in 1992. 
Publicity photo of the Melbourne's 
new 'V Series' Ambulance
Vehicle 780
Vehicle 780 Vehicle 780
Warnambool Vehicle 419
AOTC Training Vehicle AOTC Training Vehicle
MAS Vehicle 192
Yarrum Vehicle 192 (right) Eltham Vehicles in 1992

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19 March 2017