The following page provides a range of photos of 
the D8 Dodge Ambulance introduced into the
Victorian Ambulance Service during 1938



The Series D8 Dodge was the 1938 model produced by Dodge and was a mild facelift from the 1937 D5 Dodge.  The new radiator grill narrower vertical and horizontal compared to the D5, headlamps were now mounted on the fenders, and flowed with the new horizontal hood louvers.  New features of the 1938 model included all-steel "silent safety" body construction with insulated roof, rear quarters, body, cowl and door panels, adjustable seats with an adjustment lever on the drivers side, improved engine mounting, dual tail lights, and rubber windshield mountings instead of the metal frame.  Other features included inline L-head six cylinder cast iron engine block, selective sliding transmission, selective sliding gear transmission, 3 speed floor shift gearbox, automatic overdrive, single plate dry disc clutch,  hypoid rear axle, hydraulic brakes, and Autolight ignition.


Melbourne's unveiling of the new
1938 D8 Dodge Ambulance

Melbourne's 1938 D8 Dodge Ambulance
 with Officers dressed in the overcoat and gaiters





Melbourne's fleet including four
 1938 D8 Dodges at the front, and in
the background 1934 a number of DR Dodge
Ambulances outside Melbourne Headquarters







Melbourne's 1938 D8 Dodge Ambulance
outside Melbourne Headquarters

Apollo Bay's 1938 D8 Dodge Ambulance
pictured at the Bay.


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