The following page provides a range of photos of 
the D5 Dodge Ambulance introduced into the
Victorian Ambulance Service during 1937



The Series D5 Dodge was the 1937 model produced by Dodge and it's new look had a very direct theme from Chrysler.  Appearance characteristics included a new split grill with a distinct verticle chrome molding running down the centre with multiple horizontal strips, large deeply bullet-shaped chrome-plated headlamps mounted either side of the grill, horns had now been removed from view and placed in a new behind the grill position, reading lamps over the rear windows, venti-pane type windows, single window wipers, recently developed built-in defroster vents, new 16 gallon fuel tanks, and steel disc wheels. Interior safety became a major feature of this model with the introduction of non snag door handles, recessed dash nobs and flush mounted gauges in an attempt to reduce injuries in accidents.  Other features included inline L-head six cylinder cast iron engine block, selective sliding transmission, selective sliding gear transmission, 3 speed floor shift gearbox, automatic overdrive, single plate dry disc clutch,  hypoid rear axle allowing a flat floor panel in the rear compartment, hydraulic brakes, Autolight ignition, new independent front suspension, synchronised front and rear springs, and "floating power" X-type frame.


Sale's 1937 D5 Dodge Ambulance.


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