The following page provides a range of photos of 
the D11 Dodge Ambulance introduced into the
Victorian Ambulance Service during 1939



The Series D11 Dodge (also known as the Dodge Luxury Liner) was a 1939 model to celebrate 25 years of Dodge manufacturing.  Appearance characteristics included a rounded hood with narrow horizontal grille bars in the nose near the top centre, with larger grilles in the fender splash aprons, divided by a "vee" extending up he sides of the hood.  The all new body was wider and longer giving increased interior room, with the door bottoms flared outward.  Headlamps were now fully recessed into the front fenders.  Each side of the hood had two groupings of short horizontal louvers with one group at the front and the other at the rear. New features included a "Remote Control" gearshift mounted on the steering column, and independent front suspension with coil springs.  Two piece windshield was also adopted, and a new "Safety Light" speedometer had a lighted bead that glowed different colours for the different speeds of the vehicle.   Other features included inline L-head six cylinder cast iron engine block, selective sliding transmission, selective sliding gear transmission, 3 speed floor shift gearbox, automatic overdrive, single plate dry disc clutch,  hypoid rear axle, hydraulic brakes, and Autolight ignition.


Staff and the Service's 1939 D11 Dodges outside
Melbourne's 217 Lonsdale St Headquarters.


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